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Kids Camp

I offer canoeing and hiking kids camp because I was lucky to have parents who loved the outdoors and shared their passion with me as a kid and I fell in love with the outdoors. So I want to share my passion with the kids and make them live new experiences. Another thing is the technology nowadays, is taking too much space in kids lives so if they are attending my camps one day well it's one day they won't be spending on electronics.

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Canoe Day Camps

Dates: S1 Aug 12 & 16, S2 Aug 15

Session 1 (8-10 years old)

Session 2 (11-14 years old)

We will build a shelter, practice canoe rescue situation, make and follow a map and lot's of other activities! Your kids will come back with memories, new friends and new knowledge. They will be tired when you come pick them up, but they will have had fun! Kids will learn how to maneuver a canoe, there will be a fire starting competition, we will build a shelter, we will practice easy canoe rescue situation, we will do some workshops with nature and we’ll do a map! Plenty of fun in a day!

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Hiking Day Camps

Dates: S1 Aug 20th & 27th, S2 Aug 28th, S3 Aug 21st, 22nd &26th

Session 1 (8-10 years old)

Session 2 (11-14years old)

Session 3 (5-7 years old)

We take a freighter/boat ride to the trail head. There will be a mysterious treasure hunt along the way, workshops, and much more activities. Let's go on a hike! We will make a fire, play games in the forest and have fun!

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Canoe Camp 2 days

Dates: Aug 8 & 9, Aug 13-14

11-14 years old

We are going on an overnight canoe trip on the chain of lakes! Kids will learn how to camp in the backcountry! We will cook our diner on the fire, spend the night around the campfire telling stories, crafting, workshops and looking for stars. The next day, we will cook our breakfast and paddle back to shore while playing games, swimming and stoping for a shore lunch.

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Learn To Follow Your Arrow

Dates: TBD

11-14 years old

Follow Her North and Wesley Bow Guides partnered to teach kids traditional ways of traveling and hunting. We will paddle on the Mattawishkwia River till we reach Wesley Bow Guide where he will teach us how to shoot a traditional bow. We will have workshops on indigenous territory/history, dreams, self awareness and survival tips. (No rapids on that section of the river)

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Ice Fishing Day Camps

Dates: TBD

5-10 years old

Ice Fishing day camps are offered the week after New Years. The kids will learn how to drill holes, make fishing knots, put their minnows on the jig, catch fish, fillet it, cook it and finally eat it! We will be playing games also while fishing. We will make marshmallows and some tire sur la neige.

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Winter Camping (KAP)

Dates: March 14-15th, 2024

11-16 years old

Imagine cozying up by the wood stove, learning survival skills, and enjoying delicious meals together. The games, stories, and ice fishing add an extra touch of fun. It's a perfect opportunity to connect with nature and create unforgettable memories. Don't forget to pack warm clothes and a sense of adventure!

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