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Freighter Tours

Most of my time as soon as the ice breaks up is past on the rivers. During early spring, we explore the rivers in the area by freighter canoes which are well known on James Bay coast. You can enjoy the ride without having to paddle because there is a motor. I offer different trips to some of my favorite spots.

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Glassy Falls

Explore the beautiful Missinaibi river. Spend the day relaxing on Glassy Falls' amazing natural beach. Great fishing from the shore. Enjoy the ride in a 20 foot freighter with motor.

Group of 6 max, 12 if second freighter and guide is available

145$ tax in. per person

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Caribou rapids

Explore the beautiful Kabinakagami river. Enjoy the day fishing, exploring the Caribou rapids.

Group of 6 max, 12 if second freighter and guide is available.

145$ tax in. per person

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Thunder House Falls

May 11th & 12th, 2024

Our true beauty of the area is definitely Thunder House. My personal favorite place on earth. So powerful! Spend full day on the Missinaibi river. Go through rapids and back. Hike in to the lookout (Around 2km) 

Included: Shuttle from Hearst to Shannon landing, lunch and snacks

Group of 8 max

240$ tax in. per person

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Explore the beautiful Kabinakagami river. About 30 miles by freigther.

Learn historic facts about this river, abanded police Jeep, the vestige of Pagwa Crash... A 1959 collision of a USAF F-102 and a B-47 Stratojet

Group of 5 max, 10 if second freighter and guide is available.

210$ tax in. per person

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Mattawishkwia Lakes

On this day, we travel on the Mattawishkwia River to get to the Mattawishkwia Lakes which are made of truly unique ecosystem. The creeks to get to the lakes makes you feel like you are in the jungle because of the black ashes. 

Group of 6 max.

140$ tax in. per person

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