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Mylène is the eldest of three children.  When she was barely a month old, her parents took her for a train ride in the Agawa Canyon.  A few months later, she went hunting with them.  And that's how her childhood unfolded.  If Mom and Dad wanted to do an outdoor activity, the girls would always follow, learn and discover.  


Mylène quickly became passionate about all the activities she could practice OUTSIDE. 


During the winter, she will spend almost all her time on her snowmobile. Since she loves to discover new spots, she often prefers to go off-trail than to follow the beaten track.  


All the elements surrounding a good day of ice fishing  bring her so much satisfaction:  starting the fire in the wood stove, drilling the holes in the ice, breathing in the fresh air, getting the sun to warm up her face… and let’s not forget the great taste of the fish, cooked over an open fire.


And to reenergize, she finds that there’s nothing better than snowshoeing in the woods.


During the spring, you can find Mylène cruising on rivers with her freighter canoe taking advantage of high water to reach all those amazing places.

During the summer, Mylène can usually be found on or in the water: canoeing, kayaking, swimming, riding a watercraft,  fishing,  etc.  She keeps on looking for new ground to discover: a new river to explore, a new fishing hole to try, a new backcountry camping spot where she can set up her tent.


For Mylène, the fall is obviously synonymous with hunting.   Spending a quiet afternoon in the forest is not enough for her.   She prefers to go hunting up north, by freighter, sleeping in what she considers perfect accommodations (i.e. a prospectors' tent!).  Otherwise, she will venture in a trail where her 4-wheeler is likely to get stuck on a few occasions, etc.  She will come back home exhausted and dirty… but so very happy.


One must add to the list a number of Mylène’s other passions: adventure bike, hockey, waterskiing, website building, volunteering, her boyfriend 😊,etc.


Mylène is a young woman with lots of ideas and lots of energy.  She is full of enthusiasm for life.  Her most recent passion is to share all of this with others.  She wants to show everyone what Northern Ontario has to offer: the beauty of our surroundings, the various activities to choose from, etc.  She wishes to enable others to live similar experiences and to discover the treasures of our ¨neck of the woods¨.  She is prepared to either guide you in your journey or to show you the way.  She is intent on making everyone, regardless of age, skills level, realize their full outdoor potential.   


If the opportunity arises for you to take part in one of her adventures, do NOT miss it!   Not only will you have great stories to tell but you will also build awesome memories along the way!


Her #1 fan.


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I am bilingual. My first language is French and I speak English. Fière franco-ontarienne! 

A lot of people think that I am older than I actually am! This is because of all the life experiences and certifications that I acquired during this short time. As soon as I would turn the right age to go get a course for me to expand my knowledge, I did. 

Starting with my babysitting course at 11 years old. 

Following with my hunting & snowmobiling license at 12 years old. 

And then came the life saving ones which are truly important in the outdoor industry.

I got my Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, CPR and Aquatic Safety Instructor.

With my dream of becoming an outdoor guide approaching faster, I came across the River Roots Program.  This was exactly what I was looking for - a 42-day intensive Guide Training and Leadership Development Course that would fast track my way to a job.  It was through this course that I received my Wilderness First Responder, White Water Rescue technician, Canoe Tripping 2, Paddle Skills Canada, Leave No Trace and various Field Leader Certifications.  This program was one of the most amazing things in my life and something that I am so proud to have accomplished.

I also took an Ice Safety and Rescue course as well as a Winter Camping Training.

I have work many different jobs acquiring different type of skills. Now I can use them all together to be my best version of myself and be a resourceful guide for you. 

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"Allowing everyone to live unforgettable adventures by facilitating their journey and guiding them along the way. "


"The outdoors is for all ages, all ethnicities, for all genders and all skills level. It is inclusive to everyone!"
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