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Ice Fishing Experience

Contact me for the dates available!

The experience takes place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Lake Pivabiska across Veilleux Camping & Marina.

Enjoy an unforgettable ice fishing experience. Walk from the edge of the lake on snowshoes to the hut. Learn how to start a fire in a wood stove. Experience the thickness of the ice in Northern Ontario as you drill holes to catch fish. Cast the line in the water and discover the different species of fish in the north. Now that the fish is caught, it's time to fillet it. Finally, it's up to you to taste it.

Live a typical northern Ontario experience. I share with you one of my great passions by teaching you and practicing it.

Have peace of mind, I take care of everything.


140$ + TAX each




To eat: Fish that we catch and bannock. Drinks: Hot chocolate and water

Sports equipment:

Snowshoe, Fishing hut, Firewood, Auger, Fishing lines, Minnows, Locally made hooks, Spoon, Equipment for cooking fish, Fishing license



Desired snacks and beverages (Remember: we are on the lake at lunch time, lunch is not included… Veilleux Camping & Marina restaurant is open during de weekend)

Warm clothing (Boots, winter pants, coat, toque, mittens etc...)

Let me know if you need warm clothes, I could try to accommodate you.

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